Bikini or Brazilian? Do you prefer rum or Cachaca?

I’m getting ready for those lazy evenings by the pool. Lounging in my deck chair, sipping on a cool minty mojito with no schedule to keep. In reality, it will be inside, well after dark, and dishes, because the mosquitos are so bad down here and who with kids gets to lounge by the pool alone? But, a girl can dream.

The other night I did a little pre-prep by making some mint simple syrup. It’s so easy to make simple syrup, I take for granted that this is something everyone does on a regular basis. “No, just me”?

Take 2c water and 1 cup sugar and heat until sugar dissolves. Add flavorings (this time i used 1 bunch of fresh mint). Cool to room temperate and either store in a jar or use.

I like to use simple syrups for drinks because the sugar is already dissolved so it mixes beautifully. From iced tea to lemonade and whiskey sours…syrups infused with lemon, orange, ginger…the possibilities are endless! I’ve always had good results. Another sweetener I plan to try is agave, but more on that later.

All that’s left is to stock up on club soda, limes, clip some mint from the garden, and I’m ready to muddle my way into June!

How do you get ready for that much celebrated first official day of summer? Bikini or Brazilian? Do you prefer the Cuban original with rum or the Brazilian version made with Cachaca?


3 thoughts on “Bikini or Brazilian? Do you prefer rum or Cachaca?

  1. I use simple syrup also. I had a wonderful teacher who would use it for everything. I miss her, so thanks for reminding me of her.

  2. Cachaca baby! I only buy it like once a year though… I get a little carried away with caipirinhas and I go through it way too quickly.

    I can’t wait to try your mint syrup! I am imagining making it with coconut/palm sugar… Not sure if it would work but in my head it sounds delicious. 🙂

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