Oh, fine…just give me a grocery store

With the mixed reviews of local co-op produce quality and the pre-paid hassle of it all, I have felt a little overwhelmed and frustrated. We don’t have a Whole Foods closer 30 minutes drive and I’m determined to find a grocery solution that is manageable, affordable, and easily maintained. The farmer’s market has been okay. I have made a couple of trips to find they were out of eggs, bread was $6 plus, and I would always have to visit another site to cover a week’s supply of fruits and veggies.



This week I didn’t even attempt the farmer’s market with all three children. Instead, I opted for another learning experience. I learned that Central Market has kid friendly carts, but that does not mean the crowded aisles are. It wasn’t unreasonable to buy actual food (22% of my bill was prepared food – I love their tarragon chicken salad) and I will be buying cereal there in the future. They are the only show in town with a decent selection of GMO-free options (Cascadian Farm has several varieties similar to the mainstream cereals my family likes). They don’t have a large choice of regular staples, and the ones they do have carry big price tag. There is also no bring your own bag credit. It’s definitely worth it to go early before the rest of the world wakes up.

I think my new favorite solution to the grocery dilemma is shopping early and alone. (Realizing that will be a rare treat) I headed out just after eight, made it to the grocery and Wal-Mart, and I finished by just after eleven. I even got to enjoy my free glass of tea while I shopped! This week, I think I’m going to look into local butchers. Anyone know of a good one?


4 thoughts on “Oh, fine…just give me a grocery store

  1. HEB is going in in Saginaw. Since this is parent company of Central Market, the design and products are equally exciting. As far as a butcher, we do not buy chicken anymore, we raise our own and harvest ourselves. It is a 4-6 week project, depending on how big you want them and whether free range or cooped. The difference is amazing and you know exactly what has gone into your food.

  2. My in-laws raises a few cows for slaughter every year. If you’re interested in splitting a cow with 3 or 4 other people, let me know. He usually purchases calves over the summer from a buddy of his, and they’re slaughtered between Dec and Feb. He may even have some extra meat right now if you’re interested. I think a couple people bailed on their share… Let me know if you’re interested 🙂

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