Cinco de My Favorite Margarita

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Man & I will celebrate our big 12 this May. We honeymooned in Mexico, and when I drink my favorite margaritas, I forget to take pictures, so maybe you will let me slide by with these pictures from our getaway. The resort was beautiful and despite some set backs, we had so much fun together.

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Man is so adventurous, he always gets me to do something I would NEVER do by myself and our first official trip together was no different. I hate to think of all the things in life I would miss out on without him. Twelve years seems to have flown by – I still feel the same, but when I look at our wedding photos, I think “Wow, we look so young!”


Then there are those days when it feels like we’ve been married forever: “we reason through problems so differently”, “he’s so stubborn”, or the famous, “why doesn’t he just know what I want him to do?!” AND…that’s what the margaritas are for! Kidding!

Years ago, I came across an article about Tim Love (a local chef who I am admittedly a fan) and there was this margarita recipe. So I tried it….needless to say, many rounds later and it always gets compliments.

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Margaritas for 4
8 oz silver tequila – try Patron
8 oz triple sec
4 oz freshly squeezed lime juice
16 oz sweet & sour mix (recipe below)
12 oz orange juice
1 can lemon lime soda
Lime & salt for garnish

For sweet & sour mix: 1:1:1:1 ratio lime juice: lemon juice: water: powdered sugar

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Cheers to my wonderful superhero husband, honeymoons in Mexico and Margaritas!

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Need a feast for your drink? Try one of these…
Rub flank steak or rib eye with garlic powder, salt & pepper – grill and serve with grilled mushrooms, onions & peppers on top or round-up Some smoky BBQ.





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  1. So that’s where you got the recipe?? I always wondered!! Best. Margaritas. EVER! Happy upcoming anniversary to you 2 🙂

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