Typical White Girl, meet Typical Worn-Out Mom

I recently saw a thing going around Facebook about the Typical White Girl. She is described as someone who has an iPhone, drinks Starbucks, wears Uggs, yoga pants, and a TNF (The North Face) jacket. Snort. Ugh. I’m not even going to touch the politics of why That. Is. Just. Ugh.

But then, a few weeks later, I was looking around the park and then a thought struck me. If we are going for stereotyping…I must be a Typical Worn-Out Mom. She is described as someone who has at least two bags with no less than 4 pockets each over her shoulder (stocked with boogie wipes and sippy cups), wears jeans that range from slightly too big to a couple of sizes to small (depending on the stage of pregnancy, breastfeeding, or trying to conceive), has embraced her natural wavy hair, sports snot marks on her long sleeve t-shirt, and worn out Toms from last season.

Of course, not every mom is your typical. There’s Sporty Mom who is seen all over town in the latest cross trainers, yoga pants, and Luluemon shirt, but is never stinky. I know from the experience of being pregnant and having three children that if you even go near a gym once you are a mother, you will be both sweaty and stinky.

Last is Fashionista Mom. She always dressed on trend, still carries a designer handbag, has her roots freshly done AND her hair is freshly straightened, donning heals, and she has mastered the selfie with kids. Most of us are convinced that this mom most likely has either a maid,  laundress, or both. Every once in a while, you notice a college age person and realize as the younger woman goes to change the baby…oh, yeah, she probably has a nanny too.

Yep. I would be firmly planted in the Typical Worn-Out Mom category.


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