In My Mom Car

1. Sunglasses
2. Phone charger
3. Antibacterial Hand Wipes
4. Roll of TP – a stand in for tissue, nice to have when nature calls on a three hour stretch of nothingness during a road trip
5. Spot It game in the console for times that we have an appointment or dinner with a long wait time
6. Mouthwash cups – they hold just enough to be a child’s serving of snack or water and if they spill it’s a manageable mess
7. Zip up wipeable and washable multipurpose blanket
8. 31 Gifts Large Utility Tote
9. Zip bag per kid with change of clothes
10. Last winter’s coats (a little tight but work on a pinch) – this is a Texas must to me…31 today, 82 tomorrow

What are your in the car must haves?


What are your thoughts?

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