When did my age become a jersey number?

Well, I am firmly planted in my mid-thirties. No more occasionally trying to pull off passing for late twenties for me! I have kids (as in 3), I get sleepy and want to go home around 11:00, I have learned my lesson and avoid hangovers at all costs, I don’t skip breakfast, and I spend much more time trying to take better care of myself than I used to. I have discovered that parents do not have a party when the kids go to bed, I miss the age when naps were mandatory, and I understand the ever growing need for grace.

Yep, this month I’m blessed enough to be celebrating another birthday….and I’m the same age as Nolan Ryan’s jersey. In honor of such day, I took a break from my cell, enjoyed the crazy beautifully warm weather Texas was having, and took a little time to walk around and look at the pansies (cause there’s no roses to smell yet). I usually spend February resolving to do better, try harder, and get further in the coming year, but this time I just tried to slow dow , enjoy being able to celebrate with my grandparents, revel in my kids being little, and appreciate how many birthdays Man has been with me as I look to a new year. I took time to just breathe and be happy.

I hope the appreciation for life and all of its wonderful gifts continues to grow as I age. Now I think I will go sow some carrot, spinach, and onion seeds in the garden to help balance out all of the butter and sugar I consumed over the last few days. Maybe squeeze in some yoga and have a margarita swirl — just cause that’s what 24 year old me would want.


What are your thoughts?

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