The Season of Hope



March was trying. Uncertainty. Frustration. Aggravation. Followed by Calm, Reassurance, and Hope.
I think all of us feel that way sometimes.  We get a leg up, and the wrung on the ladder gives out.

Being a mom is definitely like that.  Labor even tries to prepare us for these times. It’s hard, uncontrolled, and usually unscheduled. Uncertain, sometimes frustrating, even aggravating at times. Those feelings are often countered by Calm, Reassurance, and Hope.

That’s what I like best about spring.  It’s hopeful.  The explosion of rebirth and new life around us.  The spirit of Easter resonates all season long.

If you’ve never read the Easter story, it’s the perfect parallel to spring.”  Matthew 26-28


What are your thoughts?

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