Is it me or is shopping harder post-mom?

I am not talking about every day errands today. I am talking about deciding my closet was a decade out of date, being sick of transitional “baby/pregnant/nursing” clothes, and ready to start the next chapter of my life. 

Enter my old tried and true stores.  The ones I frequented post-college and pre-babies…not kid friendly and not pocketbook friendly. I may have just as  well spoken Mandrian when they asked what I was looking for and I said casual cute but durable and preferably machine washable because I have kids. “Is this for work or going out?” the sweet lady said. 

I’m a mom, shopping on Monday morning with my two-year-old. Not exactly the kind of work she was thinking about. I didn’t have the heart to tell her my “going out” days are few and far between. 

Mark this as one of those times I wish my blog reached thousands of other moms. 

Where do I shop? 

I know about Kohls, Gap, and Old Navy (hello cute $3 tanks and $15 dresses). There’s the desparate grabs at Target and, gasp, Walmart.  Despite being affordable (i.e. made in a country I can’t find on a globe) and accessible, clothes from those stores never really fit.

Mama would say try the department stores, but those outings usually led to breakdowns before my body completely changed shapes.   

Yes, three kids. Three shapes. 

Today I’m talking about shopping.  

For clothes. 

Clothes that fit so well they make your day a little better. 

I do not mind investing in well made classic pieces.

I don’t mind building a wardrobe over time.  I would like clothes that fit the body well, are made for grown women –  but not old ladies, and could easily be tailored. I would like to avoid crazy fabrics and faraway places I’m quite certain probably use child labor. 

Next time I go shopping, I would like to leave with at least a one item…so moms, help a girl out.  Where do you shop?


2 thoughts on “Is it me or is shopping harder post-mom?

  1. I am not a mom but Stitch Fix is really cool. It is a stylist that you pay $20 a month and and they send you 5 items each month. You can pick what you would like to pay and if you keep everything you get a 25% discount and if you dont like anything you can send it all back. It is really fun and easy.

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