Sometimes I want to punch Eve in the face

About once a month, I really dislike Eve.  Seriously, stick to your end of the garden and follow the rules.  I blame her for the monthly kick in the pants I receive.  As the headache, nausea, and dull pain creeps up on my otherwise delightful day, I consider that men have it easier.

Then I stop and watch my children as they work at their Play-Doh projects (Man hates Play-Doh, but I love that it keeps them entertained for hours and I could write a paper on the “educational benefits”).  As I watch, I remember what it was like to feel each of them wiggle and kick while I was pregnant and the way Man looked at me after each of them was born and I think, being a woman is pretty amazing.   Painful at times, but amazing.


What are your thoughts?

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