The simple answer. Something to strive for.

This morning while we were eating breakfast I told Man I was worried about the little girl.  She had a nosebleed in her sleep last night (the first one I remember not by the hand of an older brother).  Maybe I used too much bleach in my mop bucket; maybe she has a sinus infection…maybe, maybe, maybe.  He took one look at her and said, “Quit picking your nose”.   She grins like a Cheshire cat, wrinkles her nose, purses her lips and chimes in:  “yeah, yucky”.

Have you ever seen the video about the man and the woman and the nail?  I think they were eavesdropping on a few of the conversations within my household.  Why do we overly complicate life some times?  Thank goodness for counterparts that can narrow down the problem with a simple logical explanation (that often negates the needless anxiety spin).


What are your thoughts?

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