Men Stuff…Cause the other word just isn’t ladylike.

Women, I know we get the reputation for being the harder to please sex, but there are days that I feel my whims are well deserved.

Like when Man goes out for deer and he comes home with a rattlesnake.  Then asks you to make fajitas with it.  These are the days that remind me of the other man related things that seep into my every day life.  For instance:

  • the 9,999 screaming for attention around the house, but he found this stand and feeder for one GREAT deal, and it just needs a couple of adjustments
  • when you go to get a family pet and there are retrieving requirements and frozen birds in your deep freeze
  • when the number of animal heads on your walls is the same as the number of children’s photos hung
  • the sheer number of hunting related apparatus that fill our garage, shed and carport
  • so many other hunter related items I have learned to love as part of his charm over the last 13 years.
  • Most days I don’t mind the hunter, fisher, all season outdoorsman.  He’s rugged, tough, and very masculine.  He comes home from the hunt scruffy, happy, and smelling like campfire.  It is part of what makes me feel safe and secure and know our family will always be provided for.  It’s sexy.

    But, then there are days, when he knows.  I am sooooo not finding Mr. Great Outdoors sexy or cute.

    Today is one of those days.  He grins and pokes fun at me a little and says, “baby, this is man s&*t.”

    Yeah, I saw the writing on the wall New Year’s Eve circa 2001 and I married him anyway.  I apologize to my pretty french pan and simmer the snake.  I make myself some yard bird and day dream that I probably earned myself a date night.  No butchering or skinning required.

    Writer’s Note:  The snake was brought home as meat. No skin, no head, no rattle. Looks like a long fish. The snake died because it was in the barn between my son and my husband aactively rattling with its head up. My husband is a hunter and though many may not agree, I can count on one hand the number of animals he has killed and not eaten (he draws the line at rodents).

    Our boys fully understand what it means to harvest an animal, why we eat game opposed to only commercially produced meat, and the ramifications of over population of prey (such as deer) in an area. I can definitely respect Man for those lessons. As for the meat last night…I had chicken. He was fully prepared to eat that one by himself.


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