Sometimes certain years of one’s life require reflection.  This year has called for close examination.  I have reached a point in my life where I feel like I can no longer afford to mess around.  I can’t say I have it all figured out either.  I appreciate my friends who love me for who I am and frankly, I am no longer interested in trying to change who I am to please others.  I still would love to change in the sense of less Oreo cravings and more muscle on my shoulders type of change.  I am still eager to change by learning more and growing in my professional life.  I am still changing as I realize things that a younger me would have missed appreciating.  Realizing my sweet husband has been by my side for half of my life now.  He can look at problems, opportunities, and questions in my world with a perspective of someone who has watched me mature and loves me deeply.  Realizing I am at the point of my life in which I can look back.  I can remember happy times and I can grieve for people missing from my celebrations and future milestones.  Realizing I need to take a moment and tell those who love me I appreciate the joy they bring to my world.  Take a moment and chat on the phone (even though I am NOT fond of it) because one day the line on the other side will no longer ring.  Take a moment to smell roses, go for a run, or watch something beautiful unfold.  Realizing I need to find quiet in my life.  My word for this year has been purpose and my quest has lead me to examine things I did not even think needed considering.


What are your thoughts?

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