Spring Brightside

This spring break was months in the making.  Just in a different way than I had planned.  How often does that happen?  I make a plan and life takes me down a different path.

I was booking our first ever family ski trip with my husband while someone halfway around the world was coming down with a fever and cough.  And now, fast-forward a few months, and I am home.

On spring break, I usually find time to drink a cup of coffee while it’s hot (a luxury to teachers everywhere).

I usually take a walk or go for a run and enjoy the quiet.

I usually bake something sweet, hang out with my kids, and play some games as a family.

I take a minute to check in on an old friend.

I spend some quiet time in my Bible, enjoy an afternoon glass of tea or wine.  We turn off the devices and play some cards.  I try a new recipe (or two).

I usually find time to plant some herbs or flowers.  I paint my own nails.  I paint my daughter’s nails.

I read a book that was pushed aside as the school year progressed.

I sit and watch my kids play.  I listen to their laugh.

I travel a path I haven’t been down before.  I see something new.  I spend time enjoying things I feel like I have to rush past in the day-to-day.

I still found time to do just that.  I think the perspective has shifted.  I am always grateful for the break.  I think I’m just realizing I shouldn’t have to break to do these things.



What are your thoughts?

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