Apparently Movember is a Thing

I hung up with man from Faceatime the other night and sent him a text, “you sneaking the stache back on me?” I have let my lack of love show in the mustache category.
His reply: “It’s November.”

So I keep forgetting I mustache him a question…”Are you trying to be trendy, Baby or is the ‘mo just to raise awareness of men’s health issues?”

I’m pretty sure I know the answer.

Peace for today

When we are paralyzed by fear and uncertainty, we call on them, and they come running.
When question our abilities in a crisis, we call on them, and they don’t hesitate.
And, if we are lucky, they will call on Him to accomplish the extraordinary in the unimaginable.
We pray for their strength and courage.
We thank God for their aid and their sacrifice.

Today we remember all of those who have laid their life aside for another, and thank our first responders for what they do every day without a second thought.

Peace be to all those lost and survived on 9/11.

What do you say

We live it every day. The innate possibility that one day the job will go wrong and he will not ever cross the threshold again. So you don’t think about it, you don’t really talk about it, but you always pray about it. You trust their training, their judgement, and God’s will. You prepare for the tough decisions if they may come, as our worst day is their typical day at the office. You take comfort in the pride, honor and heroism of what he does. You respect their gifts of service and mercy.

The last month has hit the fire service hard with line of duty deaths. Our thoughts and prayers go to those families. Our sympathies go out. They do not mourn in solace. You have to admire what these men and women do for another.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.  ~Bible, John 15:13