Spring Brightside

This spring break was months in the making.  Just in a different way than I had planned.  How often does that happen?  I make a plan and life takes me down a different path.

I was booking our first ever family ski trip with my husband while someone halfway around the world was coming down with a fever and cough.  And now, fast-forward a few months, and I am home.

On spring break, I usually find time to drink a cup of coffee while it’s hot (a luxury to teachers everywhere).

I usually take a walk or go for a run and enjoy the quiet.

I usually bake something sweet, hang out with my kids, and play some games as a family.

I take a minute to check in on an old friend.

I spend some quiet time in my Bible, enjoy an afternoon glass of tea or wine.  We turn off the devices and play some cards.  I try a new recipe (or two).

I usually find time to plant some herbs or flowers.  I paint my own nails.  I paint my daughter’s nails.

I read a book that was pushed aside as the school year progressed.

I sit and watch my kids play.  I listen to their laugh.

I travel a path I haven’t been down before.  I see something new.  I spend time enjoying things I feel like I have to rush past in the day-to-day.

I still found time to do just that.  I think the perspective has shifted.  I am always grateful for the break.  I think I’m just realizing I shouldn’t have to break to do these things.



Sometimes certain years of one’s life require reflection.  This year has called for close examination.  I have reached a point in my life where I feel like I can no longer afford to mess around.  I can’t say I have it all figured out either.  I appreciate my friends who love me for who I am and frankly, I am no longer interested in trying to change who I am to please others.  I still would love to change in the sense of less Oreo cravings and more muscle on my shoulders type of change.  I am still eager to change by learning more and growing in my professional life.  I am still changing as I realize things that a younger me would have missed appreciating.  Realizing my sweet husband has been by my side for half of my life now.  He can look at problems, opportunities, and questions in my world with a perspective of someone who has watched me mature and loves me deeply.  Realizing I am at the point of my life in which I can look back.  I can remember happy times and I can grieve for people missing from my celebrations and future milestones.  Realizing I need to take a moment and tell those who love me I appreciate the joy they bring to my world.  Take a moment and chat on the phone (even though I am NOT fond of it) because one day the line on the other side will no longer ring.  Take a moment to smell roses, go for a run, or watch something beautiful unfold.  Realizing I need to find quiet in my life.  My word for this year has been purpose and my quest has lead me to examine things I did not even think needed considering.

Things I miss about SAHMing

Found this unpublished post.  Laughed and laughed while I rushed off to work as it is the first day of school.

Laundry all folded and dinner slow cooking in the kitchen
Happy husband and dropped off school children
Coffee, chocolate, and a morning run with no one but me

Now that everyone is back to school, the weekly routine is settling in, and life is scheduled to a tee…what’s a mom to do with her new found pocket of free time?

The peppy voice to start your day with the word of God – Courtney at Women Living Well -Good Morning Girls

Cooking Blogs I can’t stay off of:
Sally’s Baking Addiction – she knows more than just baked goods. Love her pecan crusted chicken and her snickerdoodles

Natasha’s Kitchen

I don’t want to hit the gym. I check out Megan Ewoldsen (on Facebook) or Yoga With Adriene (on youtube) and I am motivated to get up and go.

If I’m having a “mom moment”:
The Mom Edit – endless fashion fodder
Tatertots and Jello – just a nice break to kill time in the carpool line

Uh, Oh. I broke the bank.

The expenses of August can be staggering if you have kids.
Convenience meals
Spontaneous Vacation
School supplies
Fall clothes
Fall sports registration
Don’t even get me started on the obscene amounts of money I spend on my classroom that Man may or may not know the extent of.
Those are in addition to the normal monthly expenses. What’s a girl to do when she knows she’s breaking the bank?

Well, she comes up with this money saving menu, digs around in the freezer and pantry, and sees how long she can make it on:
Pre-paid activities like gym, the local museum, and the zoo
Free activities like weekly library time
Creates some at home fun with play dates
Avoids Target and Michaels like the plague (we all have that cart stuffing, money sucking, love to roam store)
Zero dining out

How long do you think we can go?
Let’s chat: What do you do to keep some change in your piggy bank?

Pimpin Joy

We have seasons of life in which we witness people going through insurmountable troubles or we have seasons of life in which our troubles seem to pour down upon us.  I love Walker Hayes song Pimpin’ Joy.  It was inspired by an incredible story, and it reminds me of a sweet fellow teacher in my school every time I hear it.  The song reminds us that each of us have a voice and a choice daily.  We can choose to be bitter, or we can choose to make a joyful noise.  I think the best line, “we’ll be pimpin’ love like it’s our duty” may just be today’s version of what would Jesus do? – WWJD.




I really enjoy the work of author Melanie Shankle.  She’s a Texas girl and I find her very relatable. She has made me laugh out loud, had tears streaming down my face, and made flights go by faster.  Then today, in Church of the Small Things this quote – love it!

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Inspiration and Wisdom from the Pen of Ralph Waldo Emerson