About those men in our life…and in our nest…

Not too long ago, we completed our family. In, we decided to stop trying to add on to our little party of five. It was smart. It was logical and thoughtful. It made me a little sad. I have loved the new baby, toddler, preschool phase and every minute older they get reminds me this parenting stuff is going to get harder. They will grow up and leave. I still don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know how my body, hair, and sense of self could change so much in the last six years. Man and I had a total team approach when we started our family and we were both working. It was survival mode. Whoever was available is who dealt with the kids, housekeeping, shopping, whatever. Then, this year, I started as a full-time homemaker. The transition has left me feeling a little lost. These hips will not go back into the clothes that twenty-something girl wore early in our marriage, but I’m not willing to settle for mom-jeans and a minivan either. One night, at the end of a long, crazy, day I came across this article by Becky Thompson – Who You Were Before You Became ‘Mommy’

I thought….”This girl’s got a point, right?”


What are your thoughts?

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