About Man

Man. Do I love my Man.

I’m hard to live with, and for thirteen years, he’s lived with me any way.
I’m impatient.
I interrupt.
I get wound up.
I cannot back him up to a trailer the first try for anything.
I don’t like the cold. (A hunter this does not make.)
I ALWAYS want to go to the beach for vacation.
I am not a meticulous housekeeper.
I’m selfish.
I steal the covers.
Accounting was my lowest grade in college, and my budgeting skills reflect that.
I spend way too much on shoes, purses, and spices.
I’m HARD on jewelry, just ask my engagement ring….and pearls…and diamond necklace…
I’m hormonal.
I can be a fun sponge.
I lose my cool.
I can be a real blonde.
I ask a LOT of questions. Sometimes more than one way. Which is ironic because I always got counted off for not asking enough questions on my work appraisals…
And, after all of this, he loves me any way.

I try.
I am loyal.
I am in this life with him.
I am so proud to be his wife.
I love him more than I could show in a thousand lifetimes.

P.S. Sometimes he’s hard to live with too, but that’s ok cause he’s got those piercing green eyes.


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